It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Harvey Posert Jr. on October 3, 2104 Thank you for the outpouring of kindness and best wishes, as well as the many memories of our father.

The Family of Harvey Posert
Harvey Posert III, Robert Posert and Peter Posert

Harvey Posert

"Every winery has a unique story, and the challenge is to tell that story widely and well," Posert says. "I've been on all sides: editorial, agency and client, and my program results are my best endorsements."

"Top PR Man" -- St. Helena Star
"The Wine PR Expert" -- Sonoma Sun

About Harvey cont.

Prior to coming to California, Harvey had been a newspaperman and a PR agency executive (Daniel Edelman) in New York and Chicago, working on such programs as Sara Lee, 3M, the Chocolate Manufacturers Association and other consumer products.

Posert also does a considerable amount of work with other public relations firms, acting as a senior public relations and publicity consultant. At Wine Institute and Robert Mondavi, he was a PR consultant to a number of regional wine associations, varietal wine groups and wine public affairs organizations.

About Harvey

Harvey Posert has spent over 40 years in wine public relations, working with several of the most successful programs in the industry. From 1965-1980, he supervised Wine Institute's award-winning program to educate Americans about California wine. In 1980 he took over the Robert Mondavi PR program; Robert Mondavi credits this work -- after wine quality -- as the major component of his success.

In l997 Harvey left to start a PR consultancy, keeping Robert Mondavi as a client and doing retainer and project programs for a number of wineries and wine interests (see client list).

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-- Spinning the Bottle --

Case Histories and Tactics for Wine Public Relations is a 200-page text for vintners, sales and marketing executives, wine industry teachers and students, and of course PR professionals. Widely praised and reviewed, it is the only book of its kind, with how-to stories ranging from Blue Nun to Two-Buck Chuck.

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-- Spinning the Bottle Again--

More strategies, tactics and case studies about wine public relations.

Authored by Paul Franson
Created by Paul Franson, Harvey Posert

Publication Date: Feb 11 2012

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